i screamed loud at the top of my lungs. i felt so alive.

that moment when the lights go down, the screams get louder my heart skips a beat, then right there in front of me are my heroes, the ones i have been counting down the days to see. the spotlight glows on their faces suddenly i become fearless, i dont have a single care in the world because for a few hours my life is perfect. when they put the microphone out to the crowd i sing every single lyric at the top of my voice dance until my feet cannot feel the floor. for one night i am surrounded by people who feel the exact same way, who understand me my love for a band so close to my heart. i sing, i sing along and wave my hands in the air, i cry, i cry because this moment is what i have been waiting for since i very first laid eyes on them, when they say “i wanna hear you make some noise” i scream, i scream for every single time they have made me feel like i am special. when its over i smile myself to sleep even though i may suffer from post concert depression somehow a certain song will always bring me back to that arena because a concert like this never ends, lasts a lifetime.

BOYS LIKE GIRLS live in Jakarta 1st anniversary, January 25th 2010. i miss you Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, Bryan Donahue, and John Keefe :''''''')

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