One year

If you think this is an anniversary post, no. You're totally wrong. This is about something that is completely different.

One year. One goddamn year. One year of exhaustment. One year of being on this roller coaster of feeling. One year of disappointments and false hopes.

From that very one day, he stole something of mine, and ran so far that cupid couldn't catch him. From that very one day, i was drowning in amazement. From that very one day, my ears got pleased.

One year of keeping this feeling inside. One year of staring from a distance. One year of being nervous everytime he's around. One year of the stupid signal readings. One year of hoping for the same thing. One year of the heart race. One year of the warnings I got from my friends. One year of not giving up. One year of patiently waiting.

One year of wanting to talk to you.

This whole year, I keep talking to myself "Okay. Maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow.". I keep thinking that there's a hope.

All this year. Did I make a progress? Yes. A little. But still, doesn't change anything.

And after all this year, i desperately keep asking myself, "What should I do?"

One painful year of an unrequited love.

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