I swear I've never felt this guilty and stupid in my life. I feel like shit. Put it this way: Imagine yourself being stranded in a desert. You were dying because of dehydration. You just kept on walking and walking. When suddenly you saw some kind of Oasis. You ran to it. But suddenly, some man suddenly appeared, telling you "Shh kid, it's not an Oasis. It's just a mirage. I saw the real one, 20 miles from here." And you trusted him. So you left the 'Oasis/mirage' and walked 20 miles away. But when you were there, all you saw was a huge pile of human bones. And you realized that after all along, the Oasis was the real one, and the stranger guy was the mirage. And you weren't even strong enough to walk back. And there you were, adding some more bones to join the pile with your own bones. That, my friend, is me being a moron. And I'm just gonna sit here crying my shit and regret out. And I would do anything to switch back the time.

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