To whom I might meet in the future

10:52 AM

Dearly beloved,

First of all I want to congratulate you for finding this silly letter and reading this. Yes, this is for you. This letter maybe will help you to know me better. Better than anyone ever did perhaps. At least I hope you will. Because you must be one of my most important people in my life. 

You may be wondering, what purpose am I trying to get here writing this random letter out of the blue. Number one, I just feel like writing it. I'm in the mood! Number two, I need a decent post at least one or two after this shithole I've been living with for the past few months. Number three, and my most important reason, just like I've stated before, I want you to know me better. 

So let's begin. Hi, it's me Karin. Your so-called Anzelma Karin Uli. Some people call me 'glue', 'uli', 'menjelma', 'tape' and some other ridiculous nicknames. And who knows you maybe have you own personal nickname for me. And I probably secretly like it. 

Being born on the April 21st, makes me a Taurean. Just like another typical Taurean, I'm stubborn. Yes I'm stubborn. I sometimes don't listen what other people say. I will fight for my own will until I achieve what I want. Another Taurus trait that I posses is loyalty. I won't get easily bored. And I definitely won't get bored of you. I won't find someone new just because I'm bored of a person. And even though you may or may not be a Taurean, I hope you have that trait too. Cause if you do, you will be the most amazing person I've ever known. You know, realizing how rare loyalty is these days.

Have you met my family? Yes the pretty big one for a family. They like you. So don't worry. As long as you didn't make any trouble, you're pretty much safe. I have a sister. She's the best sister that ever exist in this whole world. I'm pretty sure you two will get along. If everything works well, I'm sure you'll feel like she's your little sister too.

Have you met my friends? No, no. My real friends. The ones I always/often mention in my stories. They're the craziest and funniest people you'll ever meet. You'll see how I can laugh until I cry when one of them pulls out a joke. If you can get our jokes, then you'll be fine. You'll understand why I  can call them my real friends. 

I love listening to music. I know it's so mainstream. Listening to music is like breathing. Who doesn't love that? Some people only know I listen to pop-punk music. Yes it's true, most of my iTunes library is in the pop-punk genre. But actually, I listen to other kinds of music too. Except the 'too-indie' ones and the Skrillex-and-other-electronic-music stuff. You can check it if you want. I'm a sucker for relevant song lyrics. So don't be so surprised if I randomly gasp or squeal or even scream when I'm listening to a song. It means I just recently notice the relevance or the depth of the currently-playing-song lyrics. I figure we probably don't have the same taste of music and it's totally fine with me. Because we're mature enough not to mock each other's music right? ;)

Another mainstream habit, I love watching movies. What's not too mainstream is that I always remember my favorite lines and I recite it at any possible time. So don't be annoyed if I recite movie lines to you. I'm a chickflicks/romcoms worshipper. I make weird 'awww' sounds when there's a sweet scene. I hope you're the one I can talk to about movies. Not in an 'I'm-explaining-to-you-the-movie-plot-because-you-don't-pay-attention' kind of way, but in a 'Shit-that-movie-is-so-good-my-favorite-scene-is-where-Brad-Pitt-shouted-"WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!!!"-with-the-horror-on-his-face' kind of way. 

I watch TV series in my spare time. Sometimes I get so into it, I even laugh so hard like a lunatic. If you witness this, don't worry. I haven't gone mad (yet). Watch it with me, so maybe we both can be two lunatics laughing our asses off together. 

I have a blog to maintain. Which you can see right now. And if you find this, then you must have come a pretty long way, huh? I'm glad you spend your time reading this though. I spill my thoughts in this blog. I pour my heart out on this blog. Because there's just some stuff that I cannot say easily face-to-face or share easily with a human being. So, feel free to dig my thoughts. 

I'm a night owl. I can never be an early bird. I would appreciate it if we make plans in the noon or later. Sometimes I pull an all-nighter to finish my tasks. I'm a pro procrastinator. For my own good, remind me when I slack off like that. 

I have a HUGE appetite. I feel hungry all the time. Especially when I don't stay at home. Speaking of food, I LOVE martabak manis. (More than I love you. No, jk jk) And I suddenly crave for it right now. It's my gluttony speaking but I just can't seem to shake the image of martabak off my head...OHMYGOD I'm getting really off track right now. 

I'm not the easiest going person. I am all quiet and awkward around new people or the people I'm not really comfortable with yet. But when I get that chemistry, I get all weird and hyperactive all of a sudden. At least that's what most of them say. And with you, I guess there's no need to question the chemistry that we have. That's what brings us together, right? 

I'm the worst at telling people how I feel about them. So if I act all quiet and different around you, there must be something wrong. Ask me. I probably will answer truthfully. The other chance I will probably answer it with "I'm fine". See, 'I'm fine' could mean two things: 1) "I'm not fine but I know it's just my hormone and/or paranoid speaking so I don't want to make any trouble." 2) "I'm not fine because of you but I don't want to make any trouble and it's not a big deal so I'll let it slide." Huh, typical women. I know right? I keep my anger to myself. So if I have seriously stated how disappointed or angry I am, that's when I got really really mad. 

" troubled thoughts and self esteem to match~~" No seriously I wasn't just singing. I'm not the one with the highest self esteem. I'm insecure. I got intimidated easily sometimes. It would be awesome if you could help me with this issue. 

I love telling stories. I love telling them long with the details and gestures that I unconsciously make. When I tell people stories about you, you can guarantee that I tell it hysterically. Because you're my favorite subject to talk about. 

I am superstitious. I believe that walking under a ladder or having a black cat crossing my path or dropping the salt shaker can bring bad luck. I believe in karma. I believe what goes around comes back around. That's probably the reason why I can't be mean to people. At least not in front of them. ;) I make wishes every time I get the chance. Don't be annoyed by that if you're not superstitious. Because after all this time, you're my wish-came-true. 

I have trust issues. I hate it myself but I will try to trust more. I'm careless and I forget stuffs. I know I can be difficult to deal with sometimes. I'm sorry. Bear with me. We're both in this together right? 

What you should know is that I've been longing for the day I meet you. Is it a meet-cute like the ones that happen in romcoms? Or maybe we start off from the place we wouldn't have expected before? Either way, I won't forget it. Because that's when the universe starts to conspire. And maybe it's just how it's meant to be and how you're meant to be the one who can bring back my smile. 

I always knew you would come around and find me. So thank you, for finally finding me. 

With all my love,


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