No you won't understand.

1:20 AM

When I said those words, you guys laughed so hard, thinking I was joking.


I know I'm funny like that.

But I wasn't joking. Not even in a slightest bit. 

I knew what I said back then. I meant it. Because it has always been the situation for me. It happens all the time. You just never know it. 

We're from totally different worlds. People like you will never ever understand half the stuff I've gone through. People like you will never feel the way I've been treated all the time. People like you will never understand how words can hurt so much. 

Because somehow, the world is so much nicer to people like you. Surprised much?

All of you will say "Oh shut it. You're so pessimistic." Blalalala. 

It's not pessimistic. 

It's called, being realistic.

No, you won't understand because it's MY reality not yours. And you don't see the world the way that I do. 

Trust me, it's not a beautiful view.

Put yourself in my shoes (which is impossible), and THEN you can probably understand.

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  1. well, I think my size and your size ga beda beda amat ah, mana sini sepatu lo...HAHAHA


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