Benteng Runtuh

Buat apa sih?

Membatin cuma untuk dihancurkan dan diinjak-injak, oleh orang-orang yang bahkan tidak mengenal cukup dalam. Kemudian berkacak pinggang seakan jadi makhluk yang paling kuat, yang tak kenal rasa sakit.

Hanya untuk sesuatu yang tidak pasti.

Haruskah membangun benteng itu lagi?

She Wished for a Pair of Shoes

She wished,
for a pair of shoes,
with the color of sky blue.
For when she feels gloom,
into the sky,
her troubles flew.

She wished,
for a pair of shoes,
which perfectly fit her feet.
For when she dances gleefully,
she won't stumble and fall,
as she always did.

She wished,
for a pair of shoes,
with a fair height of heels.
For when she walks in the streets,
out in the crowd,
she will appear.

Years and years,
she prayed for this.
Until finally,
god answered her plea.

Blue as the sky
fair height of heels,
and fit her feet.

But all she brought was disappointed glare...

Why, oh, why?

They didn't come in pairs,
that's why.
How was she supposed to wear?
She sat down and sighed.
No wonder she's driven to despair.

She wishes,
for a pair of shoes.
All she got,
was her bare feet,
covered in bruise.


Eyyy my first English poems y'all~~ gahaah lagi ter-influenced gara-gara lagi sering denger Tom Hiddleston's audiobooks. Masih shitty tp seru juga ternyata. Moral: "Almost is never enough." Dem shoes were almost perfect mayn. But 'almost'. So it's not. But is there any perfection in this world though? So it shouldn't be a problem. But the word 'almost' makes it even harder to accept the fact that it's actually not perfect. 


The world isn't completely black and white ah, Rin.

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