Oh, What Life You Got

3:11 AM

What is it with humans and social medias? Here's what social media is to me. Social media is basically a platform for humans to brag about their lives to another human, so they would feel like they have better lives than the others. Unhealthy, most of the times.

They boast about how 'perfect' their lives seem, perfect clothes, perfect friends, perfect hangs, perfect boyfriend, perfect everything. Thirsty for numbers of likes they can get as a validation of their beings. Hungry for comments of praises from the others.

On the other side, they actually sign up for these made up lives. They deliberately keep up with updates about certain stuffs they're interested in. In fact, they want to witness how other people's lives are. They relish to peer at those 'better lives'. They adore it, they envy it. Sulking on the things they don't have in their lives, instead of being grateful for what they have.

Social media is modern days' brand new heroin.

Jakarta, March 31st 2016

A bored blogger,
Who gets sick of seeing KarJenners BS on every social media platform

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