maybe happiness is not for everybody. it's definitely not for me.

Saya kapok merasa terlalu bahagia. Karena tidak lama kemudian pasti semuanya hilang.

Saya pernah bahagia dengan semua yang saya miliki. Sumpah saya bersyukur sekali waktu itu.

Tapi ternyata bersyukur tidak menjamin semuanya akan baik-baik saja.

Ternyata bersyukur tidak menjamin semuanya tetap bahagia.

Nyatanya sekarang bahkan satu-satunya yang saya miliki juga mau direnggut.

Kalau begini tidak ada gunanya saya bahagia.

Silahkan ambil semua yang saya punya.

Saya sudah siap kehilangan semuanya.

A Slacking Post

Who knew crying could give a terrible pain in the back of the head?

What's up? Heheh. The reason why this post is called 'A Slacking Post', is because I am slacking while writing this. To be fair, I am slacking on my Writing improvement exercise, but since I'm doing it to make a piece of writing on some other platform, that means it's a responsible You can't blame me cause my head is hurting so bad and I can't stand seeing graphs at the moment :( Sad.

Enough giving excuses. Let's get to the point. So how's 2017 so far?

For me it has been pretty shitty :)

Whoops. No cursing allowed. This is a writing improvement exercise. I am not supposed to write any cursing or slangs in some sort... Alright.

I am just too disappointed by my mundane mediocre life, for kicking me in the crotch and literally throwing shit at me.

Damn, curses again.

Do you ever get the feeling like no matter how hard you try, sometimes it's just never enough? Or no matter how much better you improve, there would still be people who are better than you? Just like that, everything you have worked on to improve yourself disappears and you're still the same old talentless potato you started off with.

All I'm saying is...

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE? Is this like a karma or something?"

I'm not going to go into details... Too depressing, nobody wants to see it.

But it's true though. You only get to see what you have AND what you don't have, only in misery.

You get to see people who are there for you always. You get to see people who wouldn't be there...or even worse people who were never there. You get to see people who used to be there...but not anymore.

I guess I am thankful for the rest of the stuff I still have at the moment.

Is this adulthood? Nobody warns shit about this.

Thank you, Puddin' – for risking your life to listen to your sad potato's angst in the midst of drunkards' fight. Also for successfully making me smile by bringing up Colonel Sanders as the example, although I may not be as awesome as him. 

Despicable Moi

Saya cuma binatang jalang.

Dari kumpulannya yang terbuang.

Jadi cerca saya saja sepuasnya. Saya pantas dapat itu.

Saya memang sulit untuk dihadapi. Saya memang biasa hidup sendiri. Saya memang buruk ketika harus berhadapan dengan manusia lain. 


Saya minta maaf karena Anda telah berurusan dengan saya. 

Saya benci terus-terusan meracuni orang lain.

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