"...never did run smooth", Shakespeare said.

I used to think no one will ever stand me though. I still do even until now.

And yet here you are...

Struggling with me together on this thing that you used to be skeptical about. Oh how things are hard right now.

And here i am...

Crying in the dark cause this thing we have is not easy at all.

Longing for the day when we can finally spend 24/7 together without this human-glorified-invention, being held constantly in our hands.

Scared of the events that haven't happened yet.

Grass is always greener

They said true happiness is to stop comparing your shit to others. 
Well in that case I'm just fvcked big time.

Seharian ini rusak mood saya. Marah terus rasanya. Marah sama semuanya. Marah sama saya sendiri. Marah kenapa saya mudah sekali dijatuhkan. Marah kenapa itu jadi naluri saya. 

Nggak hanya marah. Kecewa, malu, sedih. Gara-gara saya sendiri cari bala. 


Saya kadang-kadang ingin mati rasa aja gitu. Sepertinya lebih mudah. Nggak perlu lagi kecewa karena ekspektasi atas orang lain. Bodoh juga saya. Orang lain selalu mengecewakan, masih aja diharapkan. Nggak perlu lagi iri dengan rumput tetangga. Bodoh, rumput tetangga selalu lebih hijau. Buat apa iri lagi. 

So much for anniversary.

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